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Here is How Sleep Affects Your Training and Nutrition

If your goal is to remain fit and healthy, there are a number of things that need to be done right in addition to a healthy diet, strength training and aerobic exercise. One of them is sleep: the right amount and the right time. Not getting the right amount of sleep affects all your daily activities. If you had not slept well the last night, it would be difficult for you to get up in the morning for your exercise and neither will you be in the right mood to follow a proper diet plan. And, these are just two of the many issues one can face not getting enough sleep.

Here are some ways how sleep affects your training and nutrition.

Increased Appetite

Your appetite increases manifold if you do not get enough sleep. This is the natural response of your body to make up for the energy lost in the periods of poor sleep. It is a natural hormonal response of the body and it can also lead to poor dietary choices with the ups and downs of the energy levels. Lack of sleep or poor sleep will result in unhealthy choices and you will stuff yourself with what you should not.

Reduction in Muscle Mass

Since the muscles do not get the time for adequate recovery, lack of sleep can result in a reduction in your muscle mass. Do you know that muscles do not grow when you are working out but when you are resting and recovering? And sleep is one of the main ways our body recovers. Sleep deprivation can result in a decrease in protein synthesis and may be one of the reasons you are not getting results.

Slow Metabolism

When we are asleep, our metabolism goes into the phase of slump, as is the case with other body processes. However, in case of sleep deprivation, this slump phase continues all day. It reduces your energy expenditure and can cause weight gain. Laziness also sets in as your body is not in its perfect shape.

Gym Decline

If you train and exercise regularly, you would already know about the effect of one bad night’s sleep on the training next day. You feel non-committal, tired and your body and mind just do not get into the mood that is needed to begin exercising. It also leads to greater exertion even though your metabolic and the heart rate remains the same.

Getting adequate amount of sleep is necessary for the proper and normal functioning of your mind and body. Now that you are aware of the effects sleep deprivation have on your everyday health, it is important to make changes in your lifestyle and give your mind and body the rest it deserves in the form of sleep.