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Your DNA will guide you

DNA holds the blueprint to how your body responds to the world around you. Because you're unique, the traditional "one-size-fits-all" approach simply doesn't work, Together, we'll uncover your personal path to a healthier lifestyle.

Knowledge is the first step to change

Knowledge is power and nothing knows you better than your DNA. We create easy-to-read reports so you can quickly find your path to a healthier life.

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We start by mailing you an easy-to-use collection kit with prepaid postage. Then we process your sample in our CAP accredited lab. In less than 6 weeks, your results will be available.

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Collect your DNA at home with our easy-to-use cheek swap.

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2. Analyze DNA

We analyze your sample and build your genetic profile.

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With the power of IBM Watson and Pathway’s novel A.I. forebrain, OME™ combines genetics, test results, health records, wearables, general reimbursement information and many other datasets with evidence-based health and wellness knowledge, to deliver to the user tailored and actionable recommendations for general health.

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