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Chocolate and Mood – The Connection

According to scientists and nutritionists, you reap the maximum health benefits of chocolate when it is dark. There are some great health benefits of dark chocolate, similar to red wine. It has been on the dessert tables and our kitchens and refrigerators for many generations.

Many people report that eating dark chocolate helps improve their mood. What is in dark chocolate, aside from its heavenly taste, that has given it the reputation of a mood booster? Let’s find out.

Chocolate as a Mood Booster

Many people find chocolate improves their mood and offers emotional comfort. Chocolate is found to promote positive feelings in a person, as it helps in the release of multiple peptides of the brain and gut. To state it simply, when chocolate dissolves and digests in the stomach, it makes one feel good.

Chocolate as a Comfort Food

Most of the times when people are depressed, sad or anxious, they look for a comfort food to help in cheering them up and quelling away their ill feelings. Dark chocolate helps in the release of endorphins. Dark chocolate has all the properties that are linked to the antidepressant effects of tryptophan, serotonin and phenethylamine. Dark chocolate affects the brain and helps in inducing a calming and soothing effect.

Other Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is also found to improve memory, organizational skill and visual-spatial memory. It also helps improve abstract reasoning, scanning and tracking, as well as working memory. Cocoa polyphenols in dark chocolate helps in improving the cognitive facilitation of the mind.

Dark chocolate has been making people happier since the times when the Aztecs were around. It has existed throughout human history. It has a tradition of being a comfort food and helping improve the mental states of people suffering from depression, sadness and anxiety.

Dark chocolate is not going anywhere. Chocolate is your happy food. Grab a bar if you are feeling low, sad and depressed and blow away all the blues, and if someone stops you, ask them to give this piece a read.