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3 Foods That Are Bad For Your Heart

Heart diseases are a leading cause of death in the United States. Your heart is the most vital organ of your body and it is important to take care of it well if you want to lead a healthy life. One of the main reasons your heart health may be affected is because of what you eat. A number of foods can cause harm to your heart. Therefore, it is important that you ditch them altogether or keep their use to a minimum if you want to have a healthy life free from any kind of heart issues and diseases. Here are the foods that are worst for the health of your heart and should be avoided.

1. Canned Vegetables

Vegetables are a staple for a healthy body and are important part of a blood-pressure friendly diet but this is true only for the fresh vegetables and not the ones that come out of cans. The sauces and preservatives used to keep the vegetables fresh inside the can are full of sodium. Eating too much sodium can raise your blood pressure to alarmingly high levels which can lead to heart disease. If you have to use canned vegetables, make sure you rinse them thoroughly before consuming them to get rid of the sodium they are drowned in, or even better, switch to the unsalted vegetables selection.

2. Frozen Dinners

While these are a great option if you are looking for a quick way to get dinner, they are also loaded with sodium. Even the healthy sounding options have high amounts of sodium in them, which is one of the main reasons of heart diseases as sodium increases your blood pressure to high levels. It is always better to cook fresh dinner, however, if you do not have time for that, make sure you look for frozen food options that have less than 500 mg of sodium in one serving.

3. Margarine

Margarine is made using partially hydrogenated oils which is one of the most common sources of trans-fats. Trans-fats are a leading cause of heart diseases. These unhealthy fats clog the arteries, resulting in increased risk of cardiac arrest. In addition to increasing the risk of heart diseases, taking too much trans-fats also accelerates the aging process of the skin. This makes it more vulnerable to ultraviolet radiations and hence increased wrinkles and early aging.

Your heart is the main organ of your body. Your body cannot be healthy if your heart isn’t. If you keep fueling your body with unhealthy food that is rich in trans-fats and salt, you will do damage to your heart. It is therefore recommended that you take care of what you are eating to make sure your heart remains healthy, fit and strong.