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Forever change the way you look at nutrition and fitness

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Perfect your skincare routine from the inside out

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Reports for Physicians

Note: These tests can only be ordered by a physician for their patients.

Health & Wellness

Since we began Pathway Genomics, we’ve taken cutting-edge science out of the laboratory and into the hands of those who want to live a healthier, longer and happier life. Our genetics based information can help you do just that.

Healthy Weight DNA Insight

Healthy Weight DNA Insight®

Now, you can achieve or maintain a healthy body weight to last a life span with the help of our genetic testing technology.


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Cardiac DNA Insight

Cardiac DNA Insight®

Understand how your genetics may affect your heart health. Prevent common heart-related conditions towards optimal health with our genetic testing technology.

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Healthy Woman DNA Insight

Healthy Woman DNA Insight®

Women’s health is often times overlooked. DNA testing offers personalized information specific to women during various life stages. Improve your health at every stage with our genetic testing technology.

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Drug Response

Genetics based information keeps your life safe by providing you with the correct information that offers a unique solution when it comes to your health. Get in-depth DNA-based information and make better life choices.

Mental Health DNA Insight

Mental Health DNA Insight®

With genetics based information we are able to predict how different patients are able to respond to certain medications.


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Pain Medication DNA Insight

Pain Medication DNA Insight®

Improving the quality of patient care is one of the main areas of interest in DNA based information, which helps determine the best course of action for pain medication.

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Carrier Screening

Genetic abnormalities make up for nearly 25% of fetal and post natal deaths. These genetic diseases can be diagnosed and prevented early on by means of DNA testing.

Carrier Status DNA Insight


Get the “full picture” of your family’s medical history by taking our carrier screening tests that can be tailored specifically to your needs.

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Hereditary Cancer

Inherited cancer is having an abnormal gene that is not cancer but can lead to cancer. You can learn more about your genes, your family history of cancer and your chances of getting cancer in the future with DNA-based testing.



A non-invasive DNA-based test can find the BRCA1 and BRCA2, the two genes that are responsible for breast cancer in your DNA so that precautions can be taken.



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In some cases, colorectal cancer is caused by Lynch Syndrome which is an inherited genetic condition. With DNA testing you can find out the possibilities of developing hereditary or non-hereditary colorectal cancer.

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Genetic testing for high risk incidences of breast cancer

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