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Pathway Genomics is proud to celebrate 10 successful years as a CLIA and CAP accredited clinical laboratory!

Standard Process Partners with Pathway OME To Offer Genetics and AI Services – A Breakthrough in Personalized Wellness

San Diego, CA (Sept 20, 2018) – Standard Process and Pathway OME have announced a partnership to assist patients and physicians with personal wellness and healthcare. Pathway OME is the leading genetic wellness company for nutrition, exercise, skincare and Artificial Intelligence (AI), used to help guide lifestyle, diet and nutritional supplement decisions to improve the overall health and wellbeing of patients.

Pathway OME FIT and SkinFIT tests provide evidence-based, personalized, actionable information and product recommendations, based on patients’ genetic results that helps them adjust their lifestyle, diet, habits and activities to improve their overall quality of life. Each test analyzes variations in 70+ key genes in many domains of health: Eating Behaviors, Diets and Diet plans, Lipid and Sugar metabolism, Skin Photoaging and Hydration, Micronutrients, Inflammation and Exercise.

Testing with Pathway OME is simple and quick. A DNA sample is collected by a cheek swab and the results (including a diet plan) are returned to the ordering clinician or user in 10 days or less.

Healthcare practitioners can then use the FIT and SkinFIT test results to create personalized wellness plans using Standard Process products.

“This is a very exciting step that allows us to provide practitioners and patients with advanced insight into a patient’s metabolism,” says John Troup, PhD, Standard Process Vice President of Clinical Science, Education & Innovation. “With the genetic results and AI analysis from Pathway OME, we will be able to bridge the gap between individual metabolism and healthcare while providing more personalized nutritional support. This is a perfect “fit” for our commitment to be the preferred practitioner partner in the delivery of advanced nutrition therapy programs, dietetics, and expertise. As we support practitioners of all specialties across the integrative and functional medicine categories, we prioritize personalized nutrition therapy based on sound evidence for improved personalized outcomes. We chose Pathway OME because for a decade, they have conducted a huge number of genetic tests for patients in 44 different countries and developed FIT and SkinFIT based on their expertise in obesity, diabetes, skincare and cardiometabolic issues and their belief in providing actionable product recommendations.”

“We know Standard Process as the visionary leader in clinical nutrition therapies and personalization based on whole food nutrition solutions.,” says Dr. Michael Nova, Pathway OME Chief Innovation Officer and Founder. “We are proud that FIT and SkinFIT will now be able to help Standard Process healthcare practitioners and patients identify variations in gene networks that influence health and wellness.”

To learn more about FIT and SkinFIT, healthcare providers and patients can visit

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