Pathway Genomics and Salud Interactiva announce partnership to bring advanced clinical genetic testing to millions in Mexico - Pathway Genomics
Pathway Genomics is proud to celebrate 10 successful years as a CLIA and CAP accredited clinical laboratory!

Pathway Genomics and Salud Interactiva announce partnership to bring advanced clinical genetic testing to millions in Mexico

SAN DIEGO, CA —-Pathway Genomics and Salud Interactiva, a company backed by Sinca Inbursa, today announced a partnership that will make Pathway’s wide range of clinical genetic testing with advanced Artificial Intelligence analysis available to millions of Salud Interactiva’s users in Mexico. Salud Interactiva, a leading third party administrator offering health services in 3 countries, has a network of over 6 million users and associations comprised of insurance companies, private clinics (e.g. Bio Clinique), and other corporate partners.

“Salud Interactiva is dedicated to providing our users with the most advanced and affordable health products available in the world today,” said Jorge Woolf, Salud Interactiva’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Our research determined that the wide range of tests that Pathway offers are at the forefront of the genetic revolution we are seeing in healthcare today that is driving the trend towards predictive medicine,” said Eduardo Cárdenas, Salud Interactiva’s Chief Medical and Operations Officer, “Physicians and users within our network will now have affordable access to information about how their own genetic blueprint impacts their health.”

Pathway Genomics, located in San Diego, California, provides advanced, next-generation sequencing genetic testing services to 40+ countries globally. Jim Plante, CEO and Founder of Pathway, said “It’s very rewarding to align ourselves with a top-tier partner like Salud Interactiva to extend our global reach and help people access this technology to improve their health.

“Our tests reflect the tens of billions of dollars of research that has been invested by governments, academic institutions, and private industry to understand the health impacts of the human genome. We now know that our genetic makeup often has a direct link to things like our risk for cancer and dozens of other diseases, how we respond to medications, or which diet and exercise programs will be most effective.

“Our tests have been designed to address the areas of our health that have a direct genetic association.”

ABOUT SALUD INTERACTIVA: Established in 1988, Salud Interactiva is Mexico’s leading integrator of comprehensive, state-of-the-art health services with over 6 million active users and 10,000 medical agreements awarded in 3 countries. Salud’s services and products include online 24/7 medical help, ambulance service, home doctor, health discounts, wellness programs, eye and dental care, insurance, and a mobile health application. Salud Interactiva is a company backed by Sinca Inbursa which is Grupo Financiero Inbursa’s investment fund. For more about Salud Interactiva, visit

ABOUT PATHWAY GENOMICS: Founded in 2008, Pathway Genomics offers digital healthcare and genetic testing. Based in San Diego, CA our CLIA and CAP accredited clinical laboratory provides physicians and their patients in 40+ countries with actionable and accurate precision healthcare information to improve health and wellness. The company’s program with IBM Watson is a smartphone app that merges artificial intelligence and deep learning with personal genetic information. The app provides users with personalized health and wellness information based on the individual’s health history. For more about Pathway Genomics, visit or follow us on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.