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Corporate Overview Brochure

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  PATHWAY KITS - When Needed: Select corresponding consent forms. Consent Forms & Paperwork are not automatically included with Kits, only when requested.

Buccal Swab Envelopes

Max Limit: 20

Buccal Swab Envelope
These are without a return label per envelope, 1 return FedEx bag will be issued for every 10-15 envelopes (for bulk shipment clients and/or lab-to-lab arrangements only):

DNA Insight Consent & Paperwork:

Hereditary Consent & Paperwork:

Buccal Swab Kits

Max Limit: 20

Buccal Swab Kit & Paperwork:

DNA Insight Consent & Paperwork:

Hereditary Consent & Paperwork:

Blood Kits

Max Limit: 10

Blood Kit:

Hereditary Consent & Paperwork:

DNA Insight Consent & Paperwork:

  Health and Wellness

11x17 Poster - PathwayFit®

One Pager - PathwayFit®

Interp. Guide - PathwayFit®

Brochure - PathwayFit®

White Paper - PathwayFit®

Technical Bulletin - PathwayFit®

Sample Report - PathwayFit®

Sample Report (Physician)- PathwayFit®

11x17 Poster - SkinFit™

One-Pager - SkinFit™

Brochure - SkinFit™

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Technical-Bulletin - SkinFit™

Sample Report - SkinFit™

11x17 Poster - Healthy Woman

One Pager - Healthy Woman

Interp. Guide - Healthy Woman

Brochure - Healthy Woman

Tech Bulletin - Healthy Woman

Sample Report - Healthy Woman

Sample Report (Physician) - Healthy Woman

11x17 Poster - Healthy Weight

One Pager - Healthy Weight

Interp. Guide - Healthy Weight

Brochure - Healthy Weight

Tech Bulletin - Healthy Weight

Sample Report (Physician) - Healthy Weight

Sample Report - Healthy Weight

11x17 Poster - Cardiac Healthy Weight

One Pager - Cardiac Healthy Weight

Tech Bulletin - Cardiac Healthy Weight

Interp. Guide - Cardiac Healthy Weight

Sample Report (Physician) - Cardiac Healthy Weight

11x17 Poster (Biking)- Health & Wellness

11x17 Poster (Runners)- Health & Wellness

  Hereditary Cancer

11x17 Poster - Hereditary Cancer Poster

11x17 Poster BRCATrue

11x17 Poster BRCATrue & BreastTrue

One Pager - BRCATrue

Sample Report (Physician) - BRCATrue

Brochure - BRCATrue

Technical Bulletin - BRCATrue

Technical Bulletin - HBOC

Technical Bulletin - BreastTrue

White Paper - BRCATrue

White Paper - BreastTrue

One Pager - BreastTrue

Brochure - BreastTrue

Testing Summary - BreastTrue

Sample Report (Physician) - BreastTrue

11x17 Poster - ColoTrue

One Pager - ColoTrue

Brochure - ColoTrue

Out of Stock

Testing Summary - ColoTrue

WhitePaper - ColoTrue

Sample Report (Physician) - ColoTrue

One-Pager - Familial Program


One-Pager - GINA FAQ


11x17 Poster - Pharmacogenomics

11x17 Poster - Mental Health

One Pager - Mental Health

Brochure - Mental Health

Technical Bulletin - Mental Health

Sample Report (Physician) - Mental Health

11x17 Poster - Pain Medication

One Pager - Pain Medication

Technical Bulletin - Pain Medication

White Paper - Pain Medication

Sample Report (Physician) - Pain Medication

11x17 Poster - Cardiac DNA

One Pager - Cardiac DNA

Brochure - Cardiac DNA

Case Study - Cardiac DNA

Tech Bulletin - Cardiac DNA

Sample Report (Physician) - Cardiac DNA

  Carrier Screening:

11x17 Poster

One Pager - Carrier

Brochure - Carrier

Tech Bulletin - Carrier

White Paper - Carrier

Sample Report (Physician) - Carrier

Corporate Wellness

One Pager - Corporate Wellness

Financial Assistance Program Overview

Financial Assistance Program Overview

Added Value Content

Daily Food Journal

Eat Your Vitamins

Tips for Estimating Serving Sizes

Alcohol Exchange List

Healthy Eating Shopping List

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