7 Billion People

6 Million Years of Evolution

1 Perfect Fitness Plan

Your DNA holds the key to what works best for you

Research has shown that 80% of fitness goals fail because the plan is too hard to follow. With Pathway Fit® you can say goodbye to the confusion of “trial and error.” With Pathway Fit® you can discover your body’s perfect fitness plan.

A good diet isn’t always the right diet

Our genes reveal why two people can eat the exact same foods and experience differences with weight loss. By analyzing over 80 genetic markers Pathway Fit® can tell you the diet that’s right for you.

Healthy Food

Lose up to 3x more weight on your DNA diet

A recent study showed that people who ate a genetically appropriate diet experienced 287% more weight loss over 12 months than a control group. Deciding between Mediterranean or low-carb diet? The research shows while they both might be good, only one works best for you!

Fit Weight Loss

“The latest research suggests there isn’t `one optimal diet` for everybody.”

Psychology Today

“[Researchers] found a wide variance in how the same foods affected people.”

CBS News

“There is no perfect diet…food affects individuals differently based on their genes.”


Make your natural abilities your greatest advantage

If you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply stay healthy – Pathway Fit® can help you find the most effective method of working out so you can see greater results faster.

With Pathway Fit® you’ll learn

  • Your personalized genetic nutrition profile, including the perfect ratio of carbs, proteins, and fats for your body.
  • How to make proactive decisions regarding diet, exercise, & lifestyle based on your DNA.
  • Gain insight into your genetic predisposition for exercise so you know if you’ll get the most benefit from endurance or strength training.
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“[genetic testing] can tell you more about the way you’re built, so you can tailor your lifestyle.”


“Based on your genetic makeup… you might have a higher athletic ceiling.”

Nerd Fitness

“The sophisticated lab tests once reserved for Olympians have gone mainstream.”


Forever change the way you think about fitness

Pathway Fit® covers 75 genetic markers to create one of the most comprehensive genetic fitness tests on the planet. We focus on DNA insights that you can turn into powerful lifestyle changes.
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Your matching diet

Learn your perfect genetics diet type



Find out if you’re built for endurance or strength

Food Reaction

Food Reactions

Learn how your body reacts to common foods


Nutritional Needs

Learn which vitamins you need to optimize for

Eating Behavior

Eating behavior traits

Uncover the genetics behind your eating habits

Body Weight

Your Body and Weight

Learn about your metabolism


Metabolic Health Factors

Find out your risk for cholesterol

Diet Guideliines

Your Matching Diet Guidelines

Get an easy-to-follow guide based on your DNA diet

Pathway Genomics Mobile App

Take your results with you everywhere

  • Results that are easy to follow
  • Read your report on desktop or mobile
  • Pathway Genomics® app available on iOS and Android

Get started on your path to optimum fitness today!

For the things in life where results really matter, you need the best knowledge and insights you can get. Take care of your health with Pathway Fit®, the genetic report that simplifies health and wellness.

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