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Pathway Genomics is proud to celebrate 10 successful years as a CLIA and CAP accredited clinical laboratory!

NUTRITION iQ | 25 Traits

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Nutrition iQ™ is a complex genetic test that analyzes over 65 genetic markers to discover Eating Behaviors, Food Reactions, Nutritional needs, and even the type of diet that is best for you. Includes Diet Guidelines. View Sample Report

GlutenFIT | 5 Traits

Health & Wellness

Get to the Root of Gluten Sensitivity. Symptoms can range from nausea and hives to difficulty breathing and malnutrition. Learn More >

Greater Insight Into Your Health

Nutrition iQ™ provides a full in-depth personalized report provides you with detailed information that guides you on the right path to optimal health and wellness.

Gluten Fit™ includes 5 traits that help you and your physician determine if genetics play a role in your gluten sensitivity and what type of diet can best help you stay healthy.

“The latest research suggests there isn’t ‘one optimal diet’ for everybody.”
“The impact of the diet is likely dependent on the genetic composition of the individual …, meaning that different individuals have different optimal diets.” Independent
“[Researchers] found a wide variance in how the same foods affected people.” CBS News
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For the things in life where results really matter, you need the best knowledge and insights you can get. Take care of your health with the genetic report that simplifies health and wellness.