K’Lene Oen

K’Lene Oen

Chief Business Officer

K’Lene Oen, Chief Business Officer, joined CEO Jim Plante at the inception of Pathway Genomics. Boasting a proven track record for navigating high-level business ventures, she seamlessly took the company from a one-room start-up to the fast-expanding research-industry giant that it is today.

K’Lene started her career with Marriott Hotels, where her innovative implementations of customer service and internal practices earned her immediate promotions into management and corporate training roles which led to consecutive international recognitions as Employee of The Year. Later, while employed as VP of Operations & Business Affairs for multi-millionaire entrepreneur Steven Francis, she lead the private-to-public transition of his company, AMN Healthcare, while heading his political campaigns and managing his numerous real estate investments and Capital Ventures.

Her rapidly accelerating career precluded any plans for long-term studies. While occupying demanding roles, she’s acquired certifications in Hospitality and Business Management and today, she’s a self-made success, highly respected among peers and top business executives.

She’s a stellar negotiator and a winning team-builder, a disciplined leader who easily gains buy-in for her unique culture-building practices by inspiring phenomenal results through example. The high standards she sets for her team are mirrored in her own performance. She’s smart, polished, and driven, with an invaluable business mind, a charismatic charm, boundless energy, and a passion for success.