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The world’s first precision health and wellness mobile application using artificial intelligence (A.I.) and genetics.

Welcome to the future of medicine.

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Using OME
  • With the power of IBM Watson and Pathway’s novel A.I. forebrain, OME™ combines genetics, test results, health records, wearables, general reimbursement information and many other datasets with evidence-based health and wellness knowledge, to deliver to the user tailored and actionable recommendations for general health and wellness
  • OME™ dynamically collects data and automatically updates the user
  • Uses machine-based deep learning and data science
  • Provides connectivity options to other OME™ users and physicians
OME is extraordinary in that it provides the user with direct feedback. For example, the user could get a text message or e-mail alert saying, “You are at 50% of your goal based on your desired weight loss plan.”



OME will not only provide data but also tell users what the information means and prompt them on what to do next to improve their general health. These targeted messages will help change the user’s behavior and promote a healthier lifestyle.

In addition, OME will help physicians recommend not only the use of an app (for weight loss as an example) but an entire weight- loss program, maybe including a wireless scale and an OME network center for diet coaching and feedback.

Every two years, the world’s database doubles and every three years medical information also doubles.

By 2020, global healthcare data will double every three days with 80% of the data being unstructured, or not in tabular form.

OME Data Graph