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Healthy Woman DNA Insight®

Genetic Test for Women’s Health

Women’s Health and Genetics

Many factors affect an individual’s overall health and wellness, including nutrition, exercise, and body weight as well as predispositions to a number of health conditions. However, women face additional health circumstances and challenges such as pregnancy, menopause and other gynecological conditions. In order for a woman to achieve optimal health and wellness, it is important for her to understand how her unique genetic profile may be affecting how her body utilizes energy and nutrients, as well as how it responds to certain foods, diets, and exercise regiments. A woman’s genetic makeup can also provide with insights into common health conditions that she may predisposed to, as well as other information that may be helpful during a woman’s lifetime.

How our genetic test can help

Healthy Woman DNA Insight® is a comprehensive general health and wellness test that analyzes a variety of genetic markers that can provide physicians with valuable information about a woman’s dietary and nutritional needs, optimal exercise regiments, potential response to a number of medications, as well as the risk of developing a number of common health conditions.

Risks and Benefits

Clinical Implementation for Female Patients

A woman’s unique genetic profile, provided in the Healthy Woman DNA Insight test, empowers physicians with actionable information to help guide their patients with feasible weight management goals and to improve their overall health.

More About Healthy Woman DNA Insight®

Step 1:

Healthy Woman DNA Insight® can be ordered from a licensed and registered physician or other qualified healthcare provider.

Step 2:

Once the physician has ordered the test, a Pathway Genomics sample kit will be sent for sample collection.

Step 3:

Return the sample back to Pathway along with the test requisition and consent form (return shipping provided). View our DNA collection instructions. | Download our blood collection instructions.

Step 4:

Pathway Genomics processes and analyzes the submitted sample in its CLIA certified and CAP accredited laboratory. Typically within two to three weeks, the patient’s personalized results will be available to the ordering physician. The results will then be released to the patient. Pathway Genomics has a team of genetic counselors available to ensure that both the patient and the physician understand the information in the report, and to answer additional questions. To contact a Pathway Genomics genetic counselor, please call client services department at 877-505-7374 or email

Healthy Woman DNA Insight® is intended for women who want to learn more about their genetics in order to leverage this information to manage and optimize their weight and overall wellness, as well as to understand their potential risks for common health conditions.

How It Works

This simple DNA test is supported by scientifically validated genetic testing technologies, using clinically relevant markers and assays. In just 2-3 weeks, the Healthy Woman DNA Insight® report will be delivered to the physicians.

Reports: A Simple Guide to Understanding

May help to better meet optimal nutritional goals
Helps to understand risks for common health conditions
Provides information to promote improvement in overall health and wellness

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