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SPORT iQ | 20 Traits

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Sport iQ™ is the ultimate guide for individuals of all levels. Whether you are a weekend warrior looking for the competitive edge, or the athlete wanting to maximize performance. View Sample Report

FIT iQ | 23 Traits

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Gain insight into how your body may process sugars, fats and micronutrients; and how you may respond to certain exercises. Includes Diet Guidelines. View Sample Report

PathwayFIT | 41 Traits

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Actionable DNA insights that you can turn into powerful lifestyle, fitness, and diet changes. Includes Diet Guidelines. View Sample Report  


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Ever wonder why two people can eat the exact same foods and experience different weight gains and losses? By analyzing your genetics, we help you discover your body’s ideal nutrition & fitness plan.

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DNA based dieting vs. Fad diets

A study conducted by Stanford University showed individuals on genotype-appropriate diets lost 5.3 percent of body weight compared to individuals on diets not matched to their genotype, who experienced only 2.3 percent weight loss.
“The latest research suggests there isn’t `one optimal diet` for everybody.”
“The impact of the diet is likely dependent on the genetic composition of the individual …, meaning that different individuals have different optimal diets.” Independent
“[Researchers] found a wide variance in how the same foods affected people.” CBS News
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Whether your goal is to improve performance, achieve an ideal body weight or prevent injury, understanding how your genes play a role can optimize your exercise plan and maximize results.