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Pathway Genomics is proud to celebrate 10 successful years as a CLIA and CAP accredited clinical laboratory!

The Next Generation of Corporate Wellness

We specialize in boosting the ROI of existing corporate wellness programs by increasing participation, engagement and outcomes.

Our scientifically proven genetic nutrition/fitness guidance empowers employees to make positive behavior changes that impact their health and your bottom line.

Percent Participation



76% Positive clinical outcomes

Result in positive clinical outcomes for 76% of participants.

Corporate Wellness Participants

Reduce average healthcare costs by $122 per participant per month

Empower employees to make lasting positive changes to nutrition, exercise and overall lifestyle by adding personalized genetic testing to your program.

With a simple oral swab test and easy-to-understand results, Pathway offers your organization proactive solutions that have been proven to deliver:

  • Increased Participation & Engagement
  • Positive Behavior Changes & Improved Outcomes
  • Optimized Productivity & Better Return on Investment (ROI)

Take action to reduce per-employee costs and increase performance today!

To learn how genetic testing can be easily integrated into your existing wellness program, contact Pathway today at: 844-602-7166 or

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