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The Next Generation of Corporate Wellness

We specialize in boosting the ROI of existing corporate wellness programs by increasing participation, engagement and outcomes.

Our scientifically proven genetic nutrition/fitness guidance empowers employees to make positive behavior changes that impact their health and your bottom line.

Percent Participation



76% Positive clinical outcomes

Result in positive clinical outcomes for 76% of participants.

Corporate Wellness Participants

Reduce average healthcare costs by $122 per participant per month

Empower employees to make lasting positive changes to nutrition, exercise and overall lifestyle by adding personalized genetic testing to your program.

With a simple oral swab test and easy-to-understand results, Pathway offers your organization proactive solutions that have been proven to deliver:

  • Increased Participation & Engagement
  • Positive Behavior Changes & Improved Outcomes
  • Optimized Productivity & Better Return on Investment (ROI)

Take action to reduce per-employee costs and increase performance today!

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