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G-TAC – M3 (a Sony Company) and Pathway Genomics Partner to Market CancerIntercept™, BRCATrue® and Fitness Genetic Tests in Japan

Posted on 07/21/2016 in News, Press Releases


TOKYO -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- G-TAC Co., Ltd. and M3, Inc. (an associated company of SONY) announced a strategic business partnership with Pathway Genomics to market fourteen tests including CancerIntercept™, BRCATrue®, PathwayFit®, SkinFit™ and other genetic tests through G-TAC’s genomics network of over 20,000 physicians in Japan.

Genomics and Personalized Medicine

The cost of genome sequencing is rapidly decreasing and has enabled us to utilize the technology for actual clinical purpose. For example, in 2003 when the Human Genome Project was completed, the cost was three billion USD and it took thirteen years to analyze the data. Today the cost would be 1,000 USD and data analysis would be complete within a day. With this dramatic advancement in genome sequencing technology, there are more clinical efforts to offer accurate, individualized assessment of inherited disease risk to provide personalized health management and preventative medicine.

Genomics in the US: One Step Ahead of Japan

One of the countries that leads this growing movement is the United States. Advanced hospitals and clinics have applied personalized medicine such as genetic cancer testing, pharmacogenomics and preventative treatments that are genetically personalized for disease risk and health and wellness. This, combined with President Obama’s “Precision Medicine Initiative,” has led to increased research and focus among public and private sectors.

Pathway Genomics: A Pioneer of Genetic Testing in the US

The genomics industry in the US is composed of a number of revolutionary companies, one of the most advanced of which is Pathway Genomics. Since their founding in 2008, the company has developed a broad scope of specialized genetic testing services to assess cancer risk, cardiac health, inherited diseases, nutrition and exercise response and medication response. Currently Pathway provides genetic testing services in over 40 countries. They are also committed to developing innovative services such as a health app powered by IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence and a cutting-edge liquid biopsy test that may detect, identify and monitor most major cancers through the use of a simple blood test.

M3, G-TAC and Pathway: Genomics Partnering for Success

From July 20, 2016, M3 and G-TAC will begin promoting fourteen of Pathway’s genetic tests through “,” which is the largest physician network in Japan, and “,” which is a platform of genomics and personalized medicine for consumers and physicians. Additionally in an effort to support patients wherever they reside, G-TAC will provide tele-medicine counseling with licensed genetic experts who will follow up on test results.


Jim Plante, Pathway Genomics CEO:

“It is a great honor to be affiliated with G-TAC and their network of 20,000 leading physicians and 100 hospitals. Our organizations share a deep mutual commitment to ensuring that patients can access and benefit from the most advanced scientific treatments available in the world today.”

Shotaro Uematsu, G-TAC CEO/ President of Genome Business Group at M3:

“It is a pleasure to announce our partnership with Pathway Genomics, who leads this field with innovative technologies such as their smartphone genome app with artificial intelligence and liquid biopsy testing. With thorough localization in Japan, we will be able to provide convenient access for physicians and consumers to the world’s leading genomic and personalized medicine diagnostics.“

About G-TAC Co., Ltd & M3

G-TAC’s corporate mission is to advance the development of genomics and personalized medicine. With the concept of “Know and create yourself through genomics,” G-TAC provides informed, actionable information for both physicians and consumers. M3 Inc. was established in September 2000 under the service name of So-net, with Sony Communications Network Corporation, a supplier of network-related services, as the largest stockholder. M3 was founded with the goal of changing the world of medicine through making full use of the power of the Internet.

By utilizing the “” platform, G-TAC has access the largest physician portal in Japan. They are able to reach 80,000 unique users and a network of 20,000 physicians, or “G-TAC members,” who have established interest in genomic medicine. Additionally, G-TAC provides tele-medicine counseling through “G-TAC (,” with licensed genetic experts who follow-up on test results with patients who are connected to over 100 hospitals and clinics all over Japan.

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Pathway Genomics Provides Updates for CancerIntercept™ Detect Clinical Program

Posted on 05/19/2016 in News, Press Releases

Pathway Genomics Provides Updates for CancerIntercept™ Detect Clinical Program

Three Clinical Investigations Now Enrolling with the Initiation of New Study in Thyroid Cancer Detection
Two Abstracts Published in 2016 ASCO Annual Meeting Proceedings

SAN DIEGO May 26, 2016  – Pathway Genomics today provided an update on the clinical development program for its liquid biopsy, CancerIntercept™ Detect, a non-invasive screening test for detection of mutations that have been associated with cancer. Pathway Genomics researchers have initiated a clinical trial for the detection of thyroid cancer – the company’s third ongoing study for the technology. The company also announced the publication of two abstracts in the 2016 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting Proceedings. “The initiation of the thyroid study is an important step in our clinical development program for CancerIntercept and will help increase our understanding of its potential as a biomarker for the early detection of thyroid cancer,” said Glenn Braunstein, M.D., chief medical officer of Pathway Genomics. “We are in the process of initiating additional disease specific studies for early cancer detection in high risk patients, including a study in lung cancer, and will present and publish the data in the appropriate forums.”  

Pathway Genomics Debuts First Genomic Wellness App Powered by IBM Watson

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Pathway Genomics Debuts First Genomic Wellness App Powered by IBM Watson

Alpha Release of OME™ Incorporates Genetics and other Data for Personalized Wellness Recommendations

LAS VEGAS 7 January 2016  Pathway Genomics and IBM (NYSE: IBM) today unveiled at the Digital Health Summit at CES 2016 the closed-alpha release of Pathway Genomics OME™ app, powered by Watson. The Pathway Genomics OME app merges cognitive computing and deep learning with precision medicine and genetics to enable Pathway Genomics to provide consumers with personalized wellness information. This alpha version of the app incorporates information from Pathway’s “FIT” Test — a wellness-based diet, exercise, and metabolism report compiled with information from the users unique genetic traits, as well as their health habits, data from GPS and wearable health monitors in addition to information from the users Apple HealthKit. Future versions of Pathway’s OME will enable users to opt-in to include electronic health records, insurance information, and additional datasets that will enable OME to provide precise and actionable wellness recommendations.  

Pathway Genomics Corporation Raises Over $40 Million In Series E Financing

Posted on 01/05/2016 in Editorial, News, Press Releases

SAN DIEGO, CA – January 5, 2016 – Pathway Genomics Corporation, a global precision medicine company with mobile health solutions, today announced it has successfully raised over $40 million in a Series E financing. This brings the total investment into Pathway Genomics to over $130 million. Investors in this round of funding include IBM Watson, Pathway’s partner in the development of a mobile health application using artificial intelligence to provide personalized health and wellness guidance.  

Pathway Genomics Announces Definitive Settlement With United States

Posted on 12/30/2015 in News, Press Releases

Pathway Genomics has reached a settlement with the United States Department of Justice. Pathway admits no wrongdoing as part of the settlement and is neither an admission of liability or wrongdoing by the Company, nor a concession by the United States that its claims are not well founded.

Pathway has fully cooperated with the inquiry and was not required to enter into a corporate integrity agreement. We now consider this matter closed. By resolving this issue we can stay focused on our growing business and avoid the time and expense of a potentially lengthy litigation process.

Although Pathway may debate some of the merits of the DOJ's allegations, we recognize and respect the government's responsibility to regulate industry practices. We continue to offer our full array of advanced genetic tests that empowers physicians and patients with accurate and actionable information that allows them to live better and healthier lives.

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Pathway Genomics’ Response to FDA Letter on CancerIntercept™ Detect

Posted on 09/24/2015 in Blog Post, News, Press Releases

Pathway Genomics greatly respects and shares the FDA’s concerns about patient safety. We have received a letter from FDA, dated September 21, 2015, requesting certain information regarding the Pathway Genomics CancerIntercept™ Detect testing service.  We are carefully considering the concerns of the FDA as stated in their letter, and we will be responding to that letter.  We assure that there is physician involvement in the ordering, review and follow-up of CancerIntercept™ testing.  We believe that CancerIntercept™ Detect is a  laboratory developed test and, as a CLIA and CAP certified clinical laboratory, we are offering it as such.  While Pathway Genomics is involved in educating and marketing the tests to physicians and consumers, we do not believe this is a direct-to-consumer model. We believe we have performed appropriate validation of the test as a laboratory developed test, and we are in the process of performing additional studies.

Former Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration Hector Barreto Joins Pathway Genomics’ Strategic Advisory Board

Posted on 08/17/2015 in Blog Post, News, Press Releases

Former Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration Hector Barreto Joins Pathway Genomics’ Strategic Advisory Board

San Diego, CA – August 18, 2015Pathway Genomics, a global precision medical diagnostics company with mobile health applications designed to empower physicians and their patients to take control of their health and wellness, has announced today that Hector Barreto, the 21st Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration, has joined the Company’s Strategic Advisory Board. Click to Tweet  

Former United States Secretary of Commerce Barbara Franklin Joins Pathway Genomics’ Board of Directors

Posted on 06/15/2015 in Blog Post, Press Releases

Barbara Franklin
Former United States Secretary of Commerce Barbara Franklin Joins Pathway Genomics’ Board of Directors   San Diego, CA – June 16, 2015Pathway Genomics Corporation, a global precision medicine company with mobile health solutions for clinical laboratory testing to empower physicians and their patients to take control of their health and wellness, announced today that the 29th U.S. Secretary of Commerce, The Honorable Barbara Franklin is joining the company’s Board of Directors. Click to Tweet  

Pathway Genomics Launches First Hispanic Targeted Screening Panel for BRCA1/2-Related Hereditary Cancers

Posted on 06/01/2015 in News, Press Releases

BRCATrue™ Hispanic (8-Site)
San Diego, CA – June 2, 2015 – Pathway Genomics Corporation, a data-driven global healthcare company and precision medicine clinical laboratory, announced today the launch of BRCATrue™ Hispanic (8-Site), a site-specific genetic testing panel consisting of 8 recurrent BRCA1 and BRCA2 pathogenic variants found in individuals of Mexican and Hispanic descent.  

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff U.S. General Peter Pace joins Pathway Genomics Board of Directors

Posted on 05/19/2015 in News, Press Releases

U.S. General Peter Pace
San Diego, CA – May 19, 2015 - Pathway Genomics Corporation, a data-driven global healthcare company and precision medicine clinical laboratory announced today that the sixteenth Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, retired U.S. Marine General Peter Pace is joining the company’s Board of Directors.