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Cardiac DNA Insight®

Discover your heart’s needs through your DNA

Your DNA can tell you a lot about your heart, including risks of various heart-related health conditions, effective diets, and heart medication response. Without insight into your genetic makeup, you and your physician may struggle determining the right medication and dosage for you, and the result can be a lengthy and expensive guessing game. Through genetic testing, you can better understand your risks, and your physician can make more confident decisions regarding diet, exercise, and medications to help you manage or reduce your risks of a heart-related health condition.

Get on the Path Toward Informed Decision-Making

Cardiac DNA Insight® helps identify 18 traits associated with an increased risk of developing certain heart-related health conditions, and provides insight into your potential responses to commonly prescribed medications, so your physician can develop a more personalized treatment for you.
Heart Disease/Atrial Fibrillation

Heart Disease/Atrial Fibrillation

Learn about your heart and potential irregularities
7 Traits
Atrial fibrillation
Caffeine metabolism
Coronary artery disease
Myocardial infarction
Peripheral Arterial Disease/Venous Thrombosis

Peripheral Arterial Disease/Venous Thrombosis

Discover your propensity to develop narrow veins
5 Traits
Clopidogrel metabolism
Estrogen supplementation (risk of venous thrombosis)
Peripheral arterial disease
Venous thrombosis


Find out if you are at risk of developing hypertension
5 Traits
Metoprolol metabolism
Verapamil vs. atenolol (benefit of)
Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular Health

Understand your cardiovascular health risks
6 Traits
ApoE, type III hyperlipoproteinemia and CVD risk
Genetic risk for decreased folate
Genetic risk for decreased HDL cholesterol
Genetic risk for elevated LDL cholesterol
Genetic risk for elevated triglycerides
Sickle cell anemia

See What Personalized, Genetic Recommendations Can Do For You

Gain clarity regarding your genetics to help you and your doctor understand your risks of developing certain heart-related health conditions, develop a preventative or maintenance plan for a healthy heart, and find an appropriate medication match. Cardiac DNA Insight® can help you and your physician create a personalized roadmap designed to lead you toward optimal heart health. With Cardiac DNA Insight®, you’ll learn:
  • If you have specific genetic variants associated with an increased risk of developing certain heart-related heart conditions
  • How you are likely to respond to eight classes of commonly prescribed medications that are used to treat heart-related conditions
  • Which heart-related medications should be used with caution and may cause adverse side effects
“Knowing their genetic predisposition allows patients and families to understand why heart disease may continue to be prevalent generation after generation in their family.” The Jackson Laboratory

Become Informed About Your Risks

Genetic factors and family history play a big role in your risks of heart disease, but these risks can increase when combined with unhealthy lifestyle choices. Following healthy habits and taking proactive measures may help you reduce those risks. By identifying specific genetic variants associated with an increased risk of developing certain heart-related heart conditions, genetic testing can help you better safeguard yourself and take extra precautions when it comes to your heart health.

Understand Your Medication Response

There are a number of different medications used to treat heart-related conditions, but depending on your genetic variants, certain medications may not work as effectively or may cause mild to severe negative side effects. Through genetic testing, your doctor can better understand your body’s reactions to medicine and prescribe more suitable medications at optimal dosages.
Understand Your Medication Response
About 1 in 3 adults – or approximately 86 million people – have at least one type of cardiovascular disease. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Develop a Treatment Plan with More Confidence

Understanding your genetic risks of various heart-related health conditions is the first step to developing a preventative or maintenance plan regarding your diet, exercise, and medication needs. Genetic testing can help you and your physician make more informed decisions regarding diet and exercise and develop a roadmap to achieve optimal heart health.

Act now towards a healthy heart

Know your genes and how they factor into your wellness plan. Get your personalized genetic report that offers insight into your heart-related health conditions.
Disclaimer: Cardiac DNA Insight® does not provide a medical plan or diagnosis. Before stopping or starting a medication, consult with your physician.


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