Buccal Swab Q&A

These are our frequently asked questions. For questions not answered here, please contact us at clientservices@pathway.com.

Buccal Swab Sample Instructions

Buccal Swab Kits can be used on all our General Health & Wellness and Pharmacogenomic tests including:

  • PathwayFit®
  • SkinFit™
  • Healthy Weight DNA Insight®
  • Healthy Woman DNA Insight®
  • Cardiac DNA Insight®
  • Cardiac Healthy Weight DNA Insight®
  • Mental Health DNA Insight®
  • Pain Medication DNA Insight®

Absolutely. The new Buccal Swab Kits are going to be introduced gradually and our Saliva Kits and blood are still valid methods of submitting a specimen.

Over the next few months, we will stop sending Saliva Kits and will replace them with Buccal Swab Kits. In the meantime however, we appreciate your using any existing Saliva Kits that you have in your office.

Buccal Swab Kits are easy to use. We have a detailed instruction sheet that I will provide you with and also have instructions printed on the inside of the new kit box, so everything will be very clear. However, the basics are that you rub each of the 2 swabs on the inside of your cheek for 30 seconds and then seal them in the pre-provided container and ship back.

Many people find the Buccal Swab Kits much easier to use and prefer them to the spitting that is required with the Saliva Kits.

No, you can only use the swabs provided within the Pathway kit.

Yes. It is best to prevent the swab from touching any surface other than the inside of your cheek, however if you accidentally touched the swab to another surface the specimen should still work.

The new Buccal Swab Kits do not affect test turnaround time.

You can order these through Atrium, our physician virtual toolbox, through our Client Services team at 877.505.7374 or clientservices@pathway.com or from your Sales Manager.

Yes, Saliva Kits are still accepted. Please use the Saliva Kits you have at your office and when you place your next kit order we will send Buccal Swab Kits to replace them.

Yes, we accept swabs for Pathway Hereditary Cancer and Carrier Screening tests.

The Buccal Swabs are made of polyester. Although reaction to the buccal swab have not been reported, if you have a known severe allergy to polyester you may want to consult with your doctor. Two good options would be to order a Saliva or Blood Kit instead for your Pathway testing.

For the time being, we will not be using Buccal Swab Kits for our international clients. They will continue using the Saliva Kits and Blood Kits depending on which Pathway test they are ordering for the time being.

We’ve gotten feedback about how the Saliva Kits are difficult for some patients to fill and that there are patients who do not like to or cannot spit. So, with the rollout of the Buccal Swab Kits we are further supporting our physicians and patients as well as enabling a smarter solution for Pathway.

How do you say “Buccal” & what does it mean?

buc·cal – ˈbəkəl/
adjective technical

  • Of or relating to the mouth. “the buccal cavity”
  • Of or relating to the cheek. “the buccal side of the molars”