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Your One-Stop Guide to Nutrigenomics Testing

With the advancements in science and technology, many new fields have emerged that one would not have even though about some years ago. One such field is the science of nutrigenomics. Though still a new field, it is gaining popularity among the masses because of the number of benefits it provides to the healthcare professionals, as well as a common person.

Are you new to this testing technique? Do you have no idea how it works and how it helps? Worry no more. Here is all the information you need to understand nutrigenomics testing to the T.

What is Nutrigenomics?

The word nutrigenomics is a combination of two words: nutri and genomics. Nutri is a short word for nutrition and genomics is the science of studying genes. So, nutrigenomics is a field of genetics that finds out the effect of genes on a person’s nutrition. With the help of nutrigenomics, one can know which food will suit them and which will not and eating what will make them lead a better and healthier life. Simply put, it takes a look at the roles played by our genes in determining the right diet for us that we should follow, in addition to the exercise and lifestyle choices we should make to lead a healthier life. With the help of information from these test, one can make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle choices.

What is Nutrigenomics Testing?

Nutrigenomics testing takes the findings of the genomic review of your DNA and helps you implement a long term health strategy based on prevention rather than treatment. The health strategy is personalized to your individual genetic makeup. It is helpful in figuring out the ability of the body to methylate. It also helps in evaluating inflammatory responses.

Methylation is essential for the development of the body as it is related to every aspect of your body functions from clearing of your hormones to regulating your DNA. Methylation makes us more susceptible to getting affected by chronic diseases.

Inflammation is found to play a key role in the causing chronic diseases. Nutrigenomics testing helps in reducing your risk of getting affected by chronic disease by keeping a check on what causes inflammation in your body and what not.

Who Should Take Nutrigenomics Test?

A nutrigenomics test should be taken by anybody and everybody. As mentioned before, it is a preventive measure to help you make healthy lifestyle and health choices to remain clear of any health issues. Therefore, taking a nutrigenomics test will help you in managing your health better.It is also recommended for people who are planning to start a family as it provides a clear picture of the lifestyle, nutritional and supplemental regime that needs to be followed to have a healthy life for yourself as well as for the baby.

Pathway Genomics offers nutrigenomics testing that can help you get a step closer to healthy living. We take into consideration more than 50 genetic markers that can help you make tailored diet and exercise plans to suit your individual needs. To get more information about us nutrigenomics testing, get in touch with us at 877.505.7374 or leave a mail at