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You Cannot Outrun an Inadequate Diet

For some people, it is easier to go to the gym than turn down a slice of pizza or a serving of a delicious dessert. Unfortunately, when it comes to weight loss, you cannot make a choice between exercise and dieting. To achieve optimal results, you must workout daily and stick to your dietary plan. If you are still unconvinced about whether or not you can lose weight from working out without dieting, this article can help you.

We have discussed the results of a research report published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that proves that exercise alone cannot benefit you if you continue consuming high-fat diet. On the other hand, a combination of healthy diet and optimal workout routine results in faster and more sustainable weight loss1.

Exercise Alone Is Insufficient for Promoting Weight Loss — The Proof

A study was conducted to determine the effects of diet, exercise, and combination interventions. The study included 127 overweight men and women. They were randomly assigned to three different groups. The first group was provided dietary intervention, the second group was instructed to work out, and the third group was provided a combination intervention comprising of diet and exercise.

After completion of one year, the results were compared and it was found that:

  • Diet-only group lost 6.8kg
  • Exercise-only group lost 2.9kg
  • Diet + Exercise group lost 8.9kg

What’s more, the combination group was the slowest to regain weight in comparison to diet-only and exercise-only groups.

The results of the research study prove that you cannot outrun a poor diet. To achieve your desired body weight and shape, you must workout daily, as well as stick to your dietary plan. For optimal results, it is recommended that you opt for neutrogenomics testing to design your own personalized fitness plan.

How Pathway FIT Can Help You?

Genetically, we are all different. While some of these differences are more apparent, such as our eye color, there are more subtle differences as well that we don’t see, such as the rate at which our body metabolizes different nutrients or how it responds to different types of exercises. Because of these genetic variations, a dietary or workout plan that does wonders for one individual may not work for the other.

Pathway FIT keeps this behavior of our body under consideration and creates a personalized nutrition profile that’s unique to you. It is nutrigenomics test that analyzes over 80 different markers to develop a comprehensive report on how your body reacts to different nutrients. Based on the findings, you are then provided dietary and workout recommendations that you can incorporate into your routine to achieve the ideal body weight.

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1 Comparison of 2-Year Weight Loss Trends in Behavioral Treatments of Obesity, Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics