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Try these Yoga Poses to Tone Up Your Body

Before you start reading this, you need to know that yoga is a legit exercise. It may not be the ideal exercise if you are looking to build muscle mass since there is no use of heavy weights in it. It is also not your regular high intensity cardio exercise that gets your heart pounding in your chest. Yoga does not need to be any of these either. It works more as a stress-relief exercise where there are poses to increase your core strength and promote your flexibility while at the same time, giving you an opportunity to unwind and relax. It involves making use of your own bodyweight to define and tone your muscles while making the body more elastic.

If you are looking to get a toned up, balanced and tight body, here are the yoga poses that you must try.

Tree Pose

The main goal of the tree pose is to maintain stability and balance in your body. You stand on one foot firmly while bending the other knee like a branch of a tree. The sole of the foot is pressed against the knee of the other leg. You can try to hold this pose for as long as your body can endure, but taking at least 10 long breaths while doing this pose should be your goal. While holding the pose, clasp your hands in front of your chest in a prayer position.


The warrior pose involves lunging forward on one knee while outstretching your arms in the front. And, this is just the beginning. You can go on from here and contort your body twisting it on one side. Inhale and exhale deeply at least 10 times while holding this pose. Make sure you do not always stay on the same leg, switch it so that both sides of the body can reap maximum benefits.

One-Legged Bridge

If you are aiming for killer abs and a flat stomach, this is the pose you should be doing. It is simple yet highly effective. Lay on your back and raise yourself up though a pelvic thrust motion. Keep your head on the floor and hold the pelvic region with your arms. While you are at it, lift one leg and extend it. Make sure you keep breathing deeply during the pose. Alternate between both the legs. This pose is ideal for tightening your abs and increasing your core strength.

Now that you know the best yoga poses to tighten up your body, get started right away. Yoga not only has great benefits for your body, but also helps in relaxing your mind and improving your inner health by reducing stress.