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Preventing Cancer: Every Day Habits that Help You Ward Off the Risk of Cancer

Did you know that there will be an estimated 1,688,780 new cancer cases diagnosed and 600,920 cancer deaths in the US for the year ending 2017?

These figures were predicted by and are no extremely alarming. Cancer, regardless of its form is one of the leading causes of deaths in the country. Out of every 100,000 people, around 171 die because of some form of cancer.

Even with the grim statistics, it isn’t entirely impossible to prevent cancer. Trust us; it doesn’t take more than a few long-term daily lifestyle changes.

Here’s what you can do:


Drink a lot of water and healthy liquids. Drinking fluids increases the frequency of urination that helps flush out the harmful toxins that may lead to cancer in the long run. It also dilutes the strength of cancer-causing miscreants present in the urine and reduces the chances of bladder cancer. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.


Walking is a fantastic way to incorporate moderate exercise levels in your routine. Brisk walking can help bring down your breast cancer risk. It is ideal to walk at least 30 minutes every day to keep the cancer away. Also, regular exercise allows you to burn body fat, which may otherwise contribute to other known types of cancer.

Lose Weight

Obesity is a major contributor to the symptoms of breast, ovarian, cervical, and breast cancer. Hence, maintaining healthy weight is important. Eat a nutrition-rich, balanced diet and where possible, include foods that help prevent cancer. These foods may include whole grains, berries, leafy greens , and nuts

Avoid the Sun

The UV rays of the sun are harmful and can possibly lead to skin cancer. It is important not to expose yourself to sunlight unnecessarily. A 10-minute exposure to the sun is sufficient to supply the body with the right amounts of daily vitamin D requirements – every minute exceeding that is not healthy. Make sure you use sun protection when you can’t avoid it altogether.

Quit Tobacco

Use of tobacco, in any form is cancerous to your health. Smoking has been known to cause mouth, lung, throat, pancreatic, larynx, bladder, kidney, and cervix cancers. Chewing tobacco can result in oral and pancreatic cancers. If you smoke or chew tobacco, your risk of getting cancer is definitely higher than someone who doesn’t.

Get Regularly Tested

Detailed genetic testing and regular medical examinations can help detect risk and presence of various cancers in the body. Whether it is of the colon or breast cancer, an early discovery helps the condition from worsening given proper medical treatment and prevention is put into practice immediately.

It’s true that cancer now can be cured, but the survival ratio for it is still comparatively low. Even with all that, it is always better to prevent the overall risk of getting cancer, especially when all you have to do is make small changes to your lifestyle.

February is the National Cancer Prevention Month and we think this is a great time to start taking cancer prevention seriously! Don’t you agree?