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Preparing for Summer – 4 Ways to Keep Your Skin Fresh and Healthy

The summer season is here! It brings along a number of fun things to do and eat, and now is the time to flaunt all your beautiful and vibrant summer dresses you have been keeping in your closet for too long.

However, with all the fun and enjoyment, one thing you really need to take care of during summer is your skin. Your skin gets affected by the scorching heat and hot temperature in summer and taking care of it is necessary to prevent it from damage.

During summer, you need to pay special attention to the health of your skin. Here are some easy tips and tricks to make sure you have a healthy, hydrated and glowing skin this summer. 

1. Water Therapy

Water is not only great for your body but your skin too. Taking the right amount of water will clear the body of all the toxins and will make your skin fresh and glowing. In summer, make sure you increase the intake of not only water but also juices. You can also take in green tea to eliminate dead skin cells. Taking the right amount fluids will keep your skin clear, dewy, soft and glowing.

2. The Right Food

They say you are what you eat and what you eat clearly reflects on your face. During summer, try to reduce the salt intake as it makes your body dehydrated. Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet such as water melon, oranges, cucumber and lettuce which are high in water content and have great antioxidant properties which will keep your skin fresh, healthy and glowing all summer. Also cut down on the meat intake in summer as it can increase your body temperature and result in pimples, something you really don’t want to show up on your face.

3. Sunscreen

It is very important to apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or high 30 minutes before you are to head out in the sun. It will not only protect you from darkening your skin but will also protect your skin from harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer. Having a waterproof sunscreen is even better.

4. Exercise

Just because its summer is no reason you should stop exercising. Exercising helps your body get rid of toxins and make your skin look fresh and glowing. If you do not feel like exercising, you can do some simple poses of yoga every morning to stay fresh. You can also add walk to your everyday routine to get fresh and healthy skin. Exercising promoted the flow of blood in the body which results in the skin getting a natural healthy glow.

With these tips to keep your skin fresh in summer, you do not need any fancy products and cosmetics. These natural and easy tips and tricks will keep your skin glowing and healthy in summer and you can enjoy all the fun activities you have planned for yourself without worrying about your skin.