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Potential Benefits of Nutrigenomic Testing

What is Nutrigenomics Testing?

Nutrigenomics is a field of genetics that helps in determining the nutritional requirements of an individual based on their genetic makeup. It also helps in finding an association between chronic diseases and diet. It is a part of the broader movement leaning towards personalized medicine with its main focus on personalized diet.

How it Works?

Nutrigenomics testing works on identifying the genetic protein variations of each individual that helps in identifying the sites for potential metabolic weakness. The key proteins tested in nutrigenomics testing are involved in nutritional delivery, signaling pathways within the cells and also assist in enzyme conversions. It helps in finding out abnormalities in the polymorphisms that can affect many physiological functions of the body also have a say in the metabolic processes. Using the right nutrition can help in overcoming these weaknesses that allow a person to maintain an optimal health.

Potential Benefits of Nutrigenomics Testing

Nutrigenomics testing has many benefits as it impacts the personal health of an individual and allows them to make positive changes to their lifestyle which will help them lead a better life full of health. Nutrigenomics testing has extensive benefits for the health care industry in general and the personal health of an individual in particular.

Here are just some of the benefits of nutrigenomics testing.

  • It helps in understanding the role genetics play in health and diseases to a greater extent, especially in the case of chronic diseases.
  • It helps in finding our better therapeutic interventions that help you deal well with your existing diseases.
  • It helps in identifying abnormalities in the earlier stages and also helps in the initiation of strategies to reduce risks timely.
  • It has helped in shifting the focus from disease management to disease prevention and health promotion.
  • It has helped in identifying the molecular mechanisms that are related to the interactions between environmental factors and genes. This also includes the components of food that lead to these interactions.
  • It helps an individual to make a personal diet plan based on the individual dietary choices based on their particular genotype.
  • It leads a person to changes in their food choices. They make better choices in selecting their foods that will help them reduce their susceptibility to diet related diseases.

These are just some of the benefits of nutrigenomics testing. On a larger scale, nutrigenomics testing has helped people make positive changes to their diet, exercise and the overall lifestyle and move towards healthy living.

With the help of nutrigenomics testing, many people have been able to make better and informed decisions about their health. In addition to this, nutrigenomics testing has also helped healthcare professionals in dealing with their patients in a better manner and have allowed them to make tailored plans for each individual patient based on their genes.

Pathway Genomics offers nutrigenomics testing that can help you get a step closer to healthy living. We take into consideration more than 50 genetic markers that can help you make tailored diet and exercise plans to suit your individual needs. To get more information about us nutrigenomics testing, get in touch with us at 877.505.7374 or leave a mail at clientservices@pathway.com.