4 Best Sports to Get Lean

When it comes to fitness goals, each one of us is different. Some of us want to burn our body fat and become lean while others are working out to increase their endurance, stay fit or increase their muscle mass. If you are in the category of people who have the goal of becoming lean, while at the same time you are bored of going to the gym, this piece will help you out. Did you know that there are many sports that can help you get lean? These sports are fun, exciting, social and instill in you a competitive spirit that makes you a better person overall. Here are some of these must-try sports if you wish to lose some body mass and get lean.

Milk – The Good, The Bad and The Not for Everyone!

No one can deny that milk has many nutritional benefits, regardless of whether it is from a cow, a buffalo, a sheep, goat or a camel. The question to answer is whether you need to get these nutrients just from milk and if the health risks associated with milk outweigh the benefits it offers, for some individuals if not for all.

It is clearly not possible to make any definitive judgment on this as science presents mixed results, and one result cannot be applied to the entire population. While some people may be able to derive great benefits from milk, other may increase their risk of health problems consuming dairy products.

3 Misconceptions about Healthy Eating Busted

People today are moving towards healthy eating in large numbers. There is a tailored view of nutrition that everybody has come up with according to their own understanding. This has allowed a better understanding of various concepts like genetic testing. However, a lot of information out there is still misunderstood, and a lot of it lacks evidence. We are talking about the misconceptions surrounding healthy eating. Here are some of these myths debunked that have made healthy eating a difficult thing to follow for many.

Your One-Stop Guide to Nutrigenomics Testing

With the advancements in science and technology, many new fields have emerged that one would not have even though about some years ago. One such field is the science of nutrigenomics. Though still a new field, it is gaining popularity among the masses because of the number of benefits it provides to the healthcare professionals, as well as a common person.

Are you new to this testing technique? Do you have no idea how it works and how it helps? Worry no more. Here is all the information you need to understand nutrigenomics testing to the T.

Paleo Diet – Do’s and Dont’s

Paleo diet is all about eating natural and healthy food that is free from all kinds of processing. If you are new to this diet or are planning to start it soon, here are some do’s and don’ts that you must know about to reap the maximum benefits.

How Much Protein You Should Have After Workout?

Losing weight is not just about workout. You should be proud after you have done your share of exercise, but the work is not over yet. Your workout needs to be followed with proper nutrition. You might just be wasting time if you do not think about post workout eating. The conundrum regarding post workout nutrition is more related to how much should you eat rather than what to eat.
Proteins are essential in building and maintaining muscle mass and need to be a priority after you are done with your workout. Thus, pack on those proteins when you finish your work out as a diet full of protein is needed to increase your satiety and your calorie burn.

But, how much protein should you consume after you work out? Let’s find out.

4 Superfoods to Eat Everyday

There is no denying that eating is easy and dieting is perhaps the most difficult thing to do on earth. Which means, the easiest way to lose weight is by continue doing the eating part and just make sure what you are eating is right. But what are these right foods that you can continue eating every day without taking a toll on your weight? These are nutrient rich foods that can be easily sneaked in your daily meals.

All About Fats – The Good, Bad and Ugly

During the 1980’s and 90’s, the food industry was dominated by the crazy fat-free regime. This left a mark on the grocery stores and menu cards of restaurants. The dietitians recommended people to stay away from fats and fatty foods. Thus, people made a shift from eating healthy foods like almonds and replaced it with grains. This increased the rate of obesity in America while leaving the people wondering why they are getting obese when they are not even eating fats.

Working Out in the Morning – Tips to Follow

Most of the people have a love-hate relationship with working out in the morning. For some, it is the best part of the day as it gives you the energy to stay active throughout the day. While for others, working out in the morning is the most difficult part of the day. If you also want to start working out and exercise in the morning, but are not sure if you will be able to get out of bed and get going, here are some tips for you.

3 Foods That Are Bad For Your Heart

Heart diseases are a leading cause of death in the United States. Your heart is the most vital organ of your body and it is important to take care of it well if you want to lead a healthy life. One of the main reasons your heart health may be affected is because of what you eat. A number of foods can cause harm to your heart. Therefore, it is important that you ditch them altogether or keep their use to a minimum if you want to have a healthy life free from any kind of heart issues and diseases. Here are the foods that are worst for the health of your heart and should be avoided.