4 Superfoods to Eat Everyday

There is no denying that eating is easy and dieting is perhaps the most difficult thing to do on earth. Which means, the easiest way to lose weight is by continue doing the eating part and just make sure what you are eating is right. But what are these right foods that you can continue eating every day without taking a toll on your weight? These are nutrient rich foods that can be easily sneaked in your daily meals.

All About Fats – The Good, Bad and Ugly

During the 1980’s and 90’s, the food industry was dominated by the crazy fat-free regime. This left a mark on the grocery stores and menu cards of restaurants. The dietitians recommended people to stay away from fats and fatty foods. Thus, people made a shift from eating healthy foods like almonds and replaced it with grains. This increased the rate of obesity in America while leaving the people wondering why they are getting obese when they are not even eating fats.

Working Out in the Morning – Tips to Follow

Most of the people have a love-hate relationship with working out in the morning. For some, it is the best part of the day as it gives you the energy to stay active throughout the day. While for others, working out in the morning is the most difficult part of the day. If you also want to start working out and exercise in the morning, but are not sure if you will be able to get out of bed and get going, here are some tips for you.

3 Foods That Are Bad For Your Heart

Heart diseases are a leading cause of death in the United States. Your heart is the most vital organ of your body and it is important to take care of it well if you want to lead a healthy life. One of the main reasons your heart health may be affected is because of what you eat. A number of foods can cause harm to your heart. Therefore, it is important that you ditch them altogether or keep their use to a minimum if you want to have a healthy life free from any kind of heart issues and diseases. Here are the foods that are worst for the health of your heart and should be avoided.

4 Healthy Breakfast Options for Weight Loss

As cliché as it may sound, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Also, slim and healthy people do not skip their breakfast. This was found in a study conducted by Cornell University which surveyed 147 slim people. These people never had to face any struggle with their weight. And, about 96% of them said that they don’t skip their breakfast and eat it nearly every day. Thus, if you think eating breakfast will make you gain weight or conversely, skipping breakfast will help you lose weight, you are absolutely wrong. What’s important is to eat healthy things in breakfast. To help you out, here are some healthy breakfast options that help you in weight loss and also give you the required energy you need to keep going through the day.

The Ultimate Guide to Paleo Diet

With people getting more concerned about their health and fitness, and more specifically, weight loss, there are many new diet trends that have emerged recently. Some of them have gained immense popularity based on their effectiveness. One such diet trend that is followed by hundreds of people across the globe to lose weight is the paleo diet. Let us take a look what this trend is and whether or not it is as effective as many claim it to be.

Potential Benefits of Nutrigenomic Testing

What is Nutrigenomics Testing?

Nutrigenomics is a field of genetics that helps in determining the nutritional requirements of an individual based on their genetic makeup. It also helps in finding an association between chronic diseases and diet. It is a part of the broader movement leaning towards personalized medicine with its main focus on personalized diet.

Best Foods to Stay Hydrated in Summer

The rule of thumb is that you are supposed to drink at least eight glasses of water each day to meet the water needs of your body. This might seem like a daunting task to many. The good news is, you do not have to drink all that water to remain hydrated. As much as 20% of the daily water intake comes from the solid foods we eat, mainly vegetables and fruits. While it is important to drink plenty of water to keep yourself away from dehydration, you can also eat your water in the form of these foods.

5 Things to Know About the Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle cell is an inherited disorder that leads to an abnormal shaping of the red blood cells. These abnormal red blood cells get stuck inside the blood vessels which makes it difficult to deliver oxygen to all parts of the body. Sickle cell disease can cause severe pain and can also lead to infection which can cause complications like stroke and organ damage.

Why Am I Sensitive to Dairy? The Genetics of Lactose Intolerance

Did you know that only us humans have the capacity to digest lactose as adults?

Lactose intolerance is defined as the inability of the body to digest lactose which leads to various gastrointestinal issues within half an hour of consuming milk or other dairy products. Lactose is a sugar found in milk and many people are not able to digest it.

Milk is a very nutritious food and contains micronutrients, carbohydrates and a fair amount of calcium, but some of us are intolerant to lactose and thus are unable to digest milk without experiencing diarrhea, bloating and abdominal cramps. Why does it happen to some people? Lactose intolerance, in most cases is hereditary which means some genes are responsible for transferring this trait from our parents to us.

Let us take a look at the connection between lactose intolerance and genetics.