Get Your Proteins from these Meat-Free Sources

If you are a vegetarian and always find yourself in a fix when it comes to where to get your proteins from, you will be surprised to know that you can get the required amount of protein from meat-free sources. It is essential for proper body function to get adequate protein. Here are some of the best sources to get your protein from that are neither meat or fish.

Try these Yoga Poses to Tone Up Your Body

Before you start reading this, you need to know that yoga is a legit exercise. It may not be the ideal exercise if you are looking to build muscle mass since there is no use of heavy weights in it. It is also not your regular high intensity cardio exercise that gets your heart pounding in your chest. Yoga does not need to be any of these either. It works more as a stress-relief exercise where there are poses to increase your core strength and promote your flexibility while at the same time, giving you an opportunity to unwind and relax. It involves making use of your own bodyweight to define and tone your muscles while making the body more elastic.</

If you are looking to get a toned up, balanced and tight body, here are the yoga poses that you must try.

Busting the Myths About Vegetarian Diets

Myths are abounding when it comes to vegetarian eating and diets. There are so many people falling prey to these myths that it is affecting not only their eating habits, but also their lives in general. Let us take a look at some of these common myths that need to be busted about vegetarian diets.

Here is How Sleep Affects Your Training and Nutrition

If your goal is to remain fit and healthy, there are a number of things that need to be done right in addition to a healthy diet, strength training and aerobic exercise. One of them is sleep: the right amount and the right time. Not getting the right amount of sleep affects all your daily activities. If you had not slept well the last night, it would be difficult for you to get up in the morning for your exercise and neither will you be in the right mood to follow a proper diet plan. And, these are just two of the many issues one can face not getting enough sleep.

Eating too Much and Sleeping – What’s the Connection?

There are many of us who feel sleepy after eating. They feel tired and can immediately fall off to sleep; all they need is a couch. This is a natural phenomenon that is a result of a number of factors. If you also fall in the same category and wondering what is wrong with you, take a look at the following factors.

Fats and Your Genes: Facts versus Myths

While “fat” is considered a dirty word in many people’s dictionaries, it is actually an essential macronutrient that plays a major role in your nutrition. However, genes impact how a body processes fat, which is why some people are more inclined to gain weight when consuming fats. Here, we’re looking at some of the relevant facts and biggest myths surrounding fat.

10 Habits, Traits, and Preferences You Didn’t Know Your Genes Determined

In the last few decades, we’ve learned a lot about how our genes determine or influence our health and biological makeup. Scientists once thought if you were genetically predisposed to a disease, such as diabetes, you were sure to be diagnosed with it. However, newer research has shown that your genes may increase your chances of a condition, but your diet and health can lower your risk.

Eat These Foods to Keep You Filled for Longer

Who doesn’t love eating? We all do. While most of us feel full after having a hearty meal, there are some people who still feel hungry after having their meals and keep sneaking into the kitchen for some more food. If you are also one of these people, this piece is for you. We have outlined here some foods that will keep you satiated and filled for long. There is now no need to go to the pantry over and over again now as these foods will keep your tummy filled for a good amount of time.

4 Best Sports to Get Lean

When it comes to fitness goals, each one of us is different. Some of us want to burn our body fat and become lean while others are working out to increase their endurance, stay fit or increase their muscle mass. If you are in the category of people who have the goal of becoming lean, while at the same time you are bored of going to the gym, this piece will help you out. Did you know that there are many sports that can help you get lean? These sports are fun, exciting, social and instill in you a competitive spirit that makes you a better person overall. Here are some of these must-try sports if you wish to lose some body mass and get lean.