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How Much Protein You Should Have After Workout?

Losing weight is not just about workout. You should be proud after you have done your share of exercise, but the work is not over yet. Your workout needs to be followed with proper nutrition. You might just be wasting time if you do not think about post workout eating. The conundrum regarding post workout nutrition is more related to how much should you eat rather than what to eat.
Proteins are essential in building and maintaining muscle mass and need to be a priority after you are done with your workout. Thus, pack on those proteins when you finish your work out as a diet full of protein is needed to increase your satiety and your calorie burn.

But, how much protein should you consume after you work out? Let’s find out.

How Much Do I Need?

Spooning some Greek yogurt or ripping open a protein bar might just not get you the needed results. According to most of the nutrition, diet and exercise experts, you need to consume at least 20 grams of protein after a workout routine. It is important to watch the number closely as you may go overboard quite easily. If you increase the protein intake and take around 30 grams, you are going to waste all the efforts you just did as your body will store this extra protein as fats.

How to Consume it?

There are many options when it comes to choosing the source of your 20 gram of proteins post workout. The amount may sound like a lot but it is easy to incorporate this much protein into your post workout diet. There are endless options to choose from thus you can switch things every time you get off your treadmill or roll your yoga mat. Here are some options.

You can get your 20 grams fix of protein from whey. It is a fast digesting protein present in milk. It is rich in amino acids, particularly leucine which helps in the activation of protein synthesis. You should consume most of the proteins in the form of whole food, choosing whey powder is an inexpensive and easy way to get the required amount of proteins every day.

2.5 cups of skimmed milk or 1.5 cups of yogurt (low-fat) can also be used to meet your post workout protein needs. These can be easily added to the smoothies and make a delicious post workout drink. If you have time and energy, you can also grill up some salmon or chicken. The serving size of these two should be about a deck of cards which will make the portion approximately of 20 grams.

To make the most of your workout regimen, it is important to take care of the post workout nutritional needs. Protein is the most essential element you need immediately after workout to reap the maximum benefits.
With the above-mentioned information about how much and in which way to take protein, you can now enhance your physical health and muscle building capabilities while also keeping a check on your weight.