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How Important Are Fruits and Vegetables for Your Body

No matter how cliché it may sound, eating fruits and vegetables is needed to keep your body healthy and functioning to its optimum level. You have been hearing it for years but do you know why they are important? Do you know why you need to increase your intake of vegetables and fruits?

Eating fruits and vegetables has a number of nutritional benefits that we all are aware of. However, the usefulness of these is not limited only to the nutritional value and no; these are not only meant for the people who are looking to lose weight.

Read on to know some worth mentioning benefits of fruits and vegetables.

We are Getting Heavier than Ever Before

As a nation, we are on an all time high when it comes to obesity and being overweight. The main reason of this growing trend is being overfed but also at the same time, remaining undernourished. When we should be going for the food that is low in fats and calories and high in the nutrient quality it provides, we are instead having calorie dense and nutrients void food every single day. These foods provide little benefit to our body while at the same time causing us to gain weight. The solution is to eat whole foods that are plant based to revive the lost nutrients in the body while at the same time, keeping your weight in control.

They Protect Your Health

Vegetables and fruits are powerhouses of minerals, fiber and vitamins which are essential to protect you from chronic diseases. Having a healthy intake of fruits and vegetables will keep you protected against strokes, heart diseases, gastrointestinal issues, some types of cancer, eye diseases, high blood pressure and more.

They Help Boost Your Immune System

Having a healthy immune system is essential to keep you protected against bacterial and viral infections that can lead to serious health conditions. Your immune system is like your personal army that protects you from foreign invasions and eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables can help you keep your immune system working at the optimum level. To boost your immune health, add fruits and vegetables to your daily diet.

They will keep you Full for Long

Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, which makes you feel full without increasing your weight. Adding a plate of fruits or vegetables in any form will help you if you are trying hard to keep your weight controlled. It will make you feel full and will curb your cravings of eating unhealthy food every now and then.

Including fruits and vegetables in your daily diet will not only keep your weight under control, they also help in boosting your immune system and keeping you healthy.

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