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Exploring the Perfect Diet for Weight Loss: The Answer’s In Your Genes

A low-carb, zero-sugar, and high-protein diet may sound like a good idea to anyone who’s trying hard to shed some extra pounds, but it does not definitely fit all. Each of us responds differently to different nutrients because of the variations in our genetic makeup. Therefore, a weight loss diet that’s producing amazing results for your friend may not produce the same effects for you.

So, for anyone who’s struggling achieving their ideal weight and body shape, it is important to understand how genetics influence our dietary habits, as well as our body’s response to different macro- and micro-nutrients.

How Our Genetic Makeup Influences Our Nutritional Needs?

All of us have a friend or two who eat all they want and don’t gain weight at all. Inborn differences in activity of enzymes that facilitate food digestion is the primary reason behind variations in genetic requirements. What’s more, genetic variations also affect our dietary preferences. For example, some of us require more sugar to satisfy their taste buds, and therefore, we tend to pile up sugar in their coffee and end up gaining weight.

When designing a dietary plan, most fitness experts and nutritionists disregard the influence of genetics. As a result, despite complete adherence to an stringent diet and workout plan, we remain unable to realize the benefits. So, what can you do to avoid this problem and design a plan that complements your unique nutritional needs? The answer lies in nutrigenomic testing.

How Nutrigenomic Testing Can Help You Craft the Perfect Diet Plan?

Nutrigenomics is a new scientific discipline that explores the relationship with genes and nutrition. It is based on the idea that our genetic makeup influences our preference and response to different foods. Therefore, it analyzes a variety of genetic markers that are related to metabolism, eating habits, physical activity, body composition, and food intolerances to provide you with a complete genetic profile.

While there are a number of nutrigenomic tests available today, Pathway FIT® is one of the most comprehensive ones as it analyzes over 80 different genetic markers to provide you a solution for your weight loss woes. Using the findings of this nutrigenomic test, you develop a genetically appropriate diet plan and lose up to 3x more weight as compared to using a conventional diet plan.

Here’s what you can find out about your nutritional needs with Pathway FIT®.

  • The rate at which your body metabolizes carbohydrates, fats, and other macronutrients
  • Different trace elements that your body specifically needs to function at this best
  • Your susceptibility to different digestive problems in comparison to an average individual, such as celiac or lactose intolerance.
  • Your body’s ability to produce different enzymes. For example, those with a deficiency of GSTM1 enzyme may be required to get it from food.

To get complete details of how Pathway FIT can help you design the perfect dietary plan for weight loss, please call 877 505 7374 or email at clientservice@pathway.com.