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Can Genetic Testing Help Us Change Our Behavior?

A recent study examined the influence of genetic testing on positive lifestyle behavior changes. Specifically, this study was a systematic review of existing research which looked at how nutrition, physical activity and smoking behavior is influenced by genetic testing.


The results show that providing personalized recommendations based on the results of genetic testing can help people change their behavior more effectively than lack of personalized recommendations. The strongest results were seen for nutrition-related behavior change. Physical activity and smoking were also influenced, but not as strongly as nutrition related behaviors. When participants saw their genetic results, it was found that they were more likely to adopt healthy habits.

How Nutrigenomics Can Influence Behavior

The results of the study are important since lasting, sustainable behavior changes are essential for weight loss and weight loss maintenance. Most of us need guidance and motivation to change unhealthy habits. Change takes a lot of work and having an external motivator like the genetic test can be very helpful.

The Pathway FIT test looks at numerous eating behaviors including snacking, eating disinhibition, avoidance of overeating, and internal signals like hunger and satiety.

It seems that nutrigenomics (such as the Pathway FIT test) combined with personalized recommendations can effectively motivate individuals to make long-term changes in their behavior.

Why Genetic Testing is the Future of Health

Results like this are promising and show how much genetic testing can help individuals to be healthier and to understand their bodies better. Discerning what your body needs and how it responds to certain nutrients can make changes easier for many people. Knowing how their body is likely to respond empowers people to work hard on giving it what it needs.

People often lose motivation to change their diet quickly because they don’t see instant results. But having a genetic test can help them stay the course because the know they are eating according to their genetic profile and will eventually see outcomes. This gives them more security than just a doctor’s reassurance as well as more confidence to keep going.

A new path is definitely needed in nutritional counseling since more and more people need help with their eating behavior. Nutrigenomics provides the opportunity to find a personalized solution that fits everybody.