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Since its founding in 2008, Pathway Genomics has become known for its dedication to innovation – making it a leader in the commercial healthcare industry. Focusing on providing users with the most validated and personalized healthcare information delivered to any device, the company’s program with IBM Watson is the first of its kind to merge artificial intelligence and deep learning with precision medicine, applicable to both consumers and providers.

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Based in San Diego, the company’s CLIA and CAP accredited clinical laboratory provides physicians and their patients in more than 40 different countries with actionable and accurate precision healthcare information to improve, or maintain, health and wellness. Pathway Genomics’ testing services cover a variety of conditions including somatic and hereditary cancer, cardiac health, carrier screening, diet and weight loss, as well as drug response for specific medications including those used in pain management and mental health.

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G-TAC – M3 (a Sony Company) and Pathway Genomics Partner to Market CancerIntercept™, BRCATrue® and Fitness Genetic Tests in Japan

TOKYO – July 19, 2016 — (BUSINESS WIRE) — G-TAC Co., Ltd. and M3, Inc. (an associated company of SONY) announced a strategic business partnership with Pathway Genomics to market fourteen tests including CancerIntercept™, BRCATrue®, PathwayFit®, SkinFit™ and other genetic tests through G-TAC’s genomics network of over 20,000 physicians in Japan.

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Pathway Genomics Provides Updates for CancerIntercept™ Detect Clinical Program

SAN DIEGO, CA – May 26, 2016  Pathway Genomics today provided an update on the clinical development program for its liquid biopsy, CancerIntercept™ Detect, a non-invasive screening test for detection of mutations that have been associated with cancer. Pathway Genomics researchers have initiated a clinical trial for the detection of thyroid cancer – the company’s third ongoing study for the technology. The company also announced the publication of two abstracts in the 2016 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting Proceedings.

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Pathway Genomics Debuts First Genomic Wellness App Powered by IBM Watson

LAS VEGAS, NV – January 7, 2016  Pathway Genomics and IBM (NYSE: IBM) today unveiled at the Digital Health Summit at CES 2016 the closed-alpha release of Pathway Genomics OME™ app, powered by Watson. The Pathway Genomics OME app merges cognitive computing and deep learning with precision medicine and genetics to enable Pathway Genomics to provide consumers with personalized wellness information.

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Latest Blog Posts

Born an Athlete

  08/29/2016 |  Genetics 101

With the conclusion of the Rio Olympics I’m sure you are still astounded by the athleticism of the athletes. How many of you watching thought; that athlete must have impeccable genetics to be able to run/swim/jump as swiftly as they do.

Of course athletes have dedication, many hours of training, consistency and perseverance. But one very significant contributing element is their genetic makeup. Some of you may never have been able to sprint or jump. There’s a substantial reason for that. You may not obtain the genetic makeup that allows you the inherit ability to sprint or jump proficiently.

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Getting to Know Adiponectin

  08/16/2016 |  Genetics 101

There can be many barriers along the journey towards weight loss and better health. Have you ever stopped to think how your adiponectin levels may be contributing to your weight loss plateau?

Think of adiponectin as the hormone that tells your body to burn fat for fuel. Multiple studies have concluded the more adiponectin you have the more fat your body will burn. Alternatively, research concludes that low levels of adiponectin are associated with a higher prevalence of obesity.

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#Nutrition; Use Caution Around Diet Trends

  08/01/2016 |  Nutrition

If it begins with a hashtag (#) it’s sure to mean the topic is trending and folks are talking about it. Popular hashtags like #yum, #foodie and #nutrition are hot topics that lead to posts about weight-loss trends, staying fit and the fastest, easiest way to get there. If you go to your favorite social media platform and type in #nutrition, here’s what you’ll find:

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